OPTIKON and CREDOBANK offers a modern and convenient solution for the acquisition of property in financial leasing.

You can get financing at reduced rates for all products of our company

Use today - pay over time, because the value of the property is paid during the specified lease term with the subsequent transfer of ownership to the Lessee.

The bet: 12 months – 0,01%

The main advantages of financial leasing:

  • The client immediately pays only the down payment and the leasing commission.
  • Payments for property registration and insurance are included in the lease payment and are paid in equal installments throughout the lease period.
  • No additional payments during the entire leasing period and no additional collateral.
  • Leased assets are not subject to alienation by tax authorities.
  • Simplified list of documents and approach to client risk assessment (decision-making - from 3 days)
  • Settlement of insured events is carried out by the Lessor

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